Brand spanking new dubstep with equal proportion of wub and groove. I Will Never Change by Benga

Oh yeah, it’s funky. And yeah, I heard this in the Skrillex video. Wanna fight about it?

Meanwhile, In The Future by KOAN Sound

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Happy New Year folks! Part of my resolution: to be more active on Tumblr, Twitter, and blogging in general. (Facebook is so 2000-and-late) I may start using a different Tumblr account more, since I mainly just post music on this one, but I’ll keep y’all update. For now, learn about teh dubsteps.

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One of my old favorites from RJD2 in a video I made for making Skittles Vodka!

The Horror by RJD2 on Deadringer

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New Deadmau5 from the Meowingtons Hax Tour compilation. See you October 6th in NYC Joel!

Where My Keys by Deadmau5 on MEOWINGTONS HAX TOUR TRAX

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It’s been a while folks. So much good music between my last post and now, I’m not sure what to post. But ah, there it is. The obvious choice.

Choose Me II by Xilent on Choose Me EP

I wanted to post the audio file, but it was too much awesome for tumblr to handle (aka larger than 10mb).

Freshh new Beastie Boys! You heard it here first

Make Some Noise by The Beastie Boys on Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

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It would be a crime for me not to post this. A a new track from Deadmau5 that temporarily crashed SoundCloud upon being posted. Comments from fans are already pouring in saying this track is a return to Deadmau5’s earlier progressive house roots, and that it’s the only proper song to listen to after his track Strobe. Either way, the track is entrancing and lovely. It’s currently only available on

HR 8938 Cephei by Deadmau5


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Cool Head by Kid Cudi Featuring (remixed by?) Travis Barker

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Not a new song, but it made an appearance on my Pandora station this week to remind me of just how swanky it is. Goes well with an early morning walk.

The Hop by Radio Citizen on Berlin Serengeti

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